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What's in a Name?

Today, April 15, 2020, is known as (pre-COVID) Tax Day. This "holiday" is synonymous with the name "Uncle Sam", so it got me thinking...What's in a Name?

I was born and raised in the USA to immigrants from India. My parents named me "Sonali", which means Golden in Hindi (the national language of India). Seems cool to be named after a valuable commodity, right?!

I didn't initially think so. Growing up, I was disappointed there was no bicyle name-plate with my name (the closest was "Sonia), and school kids (as well as teachers) always mispronounced my name; some of them even called me "Sonia"!

It wasn't till I became a teenager that I realized I loved gold jewelry! And in my adulthood, when I decided to move to LA, I thought to myself, "my name means 'golden', so I should live in the GOLDEN state of California!

Turns out, my parents named me just right! #blessed


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