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Never Have I Ever

Netflix recently premiered Mindy Kaling's latest creation "Never Have I Ever", a semi-autobiographical account of an Indian-American female teenager. This made me think of my own upbringing. 

I too was born and raised in the USA (specifically New Jersey) to parents from India (specifically Kolkata). Growing up, I was NOT allowed to date, socialize, attend sleepovers, go to prom, or dorm in college. 

Imagine my personal shock upon watching the previews of Never Have I Ever  - which covers EVERYTHING from calling one's parent a profane adjective, to losing one's virginity (before marriage). These are HUGE taboos in traditional Indian culture.

However, professionally, I completely understood. Good TV entails provocative plots and "sex sells".

All in all, I look forward to watching the journey of a teenager who does things I NEVER did when I was that age. Can you imagine what I specifically have never done (to this date)?!


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