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Earth Day 2020

For as long as I have been on Planet Earth, I've seen the following:


  1. Indian classical dance + American production company = Progress +  Improvement (Kudos to Disney Studios...indeed this is an advancement of business in the world)

  2. In Big Little Lies, a 6-year old gets a panic attack after learning about climate change in school. (clearly, this is a sign of the world's declining environmental status)


How great would it be if we were more responsible citizens by:

  • Properly using trash, recycle, and compost (instead of throwing everything away)

  • Walk/bicycle/public transportation/carpool (instead of driving)

  • Drink cold water & turn on the fan to keep cool (instead of turning on the AC)

  • Use tote bags at the grocery stores (instead of plastic bags)

Cheers to preserving Earth much longer than climate change experts predict. #HappyEarthDay


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