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April's Fool 2020

I never started a blog prior to this moment, because I thought of myself as a "nobody" (afterall, I only have 2K IG followers, & I don't have famous parents). However, a virtual conference led me to meet celebrity brand strategist Phil Pallen & he encouraged me think positive (which I usually do). He compared my brand to my favorite retail shop - what if that shop didn't update its signage or stock its shelves...chances are, I would not return; I had to think of my brand the same way. So here goes my 1st blog post (especially since it's a NEW month, I'll start a NEW action).

I recently posted on IG that I have a few commonalities with The Bachelor Colton Underwood. Can you guess what exactly? I'll only tell you (for now) that I am NOT fooling anyone with this post! And I suppose I WAS fooling myself into thinking I was a nobody - Phil Pallen helped me "get out of my head!" Special thanks to him!

That's it for now. I am $onali Chandra (IG @iamsonalichandra), & I thank you for tuning in!


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