How to be Happy - Single Lady Style

A fun VLOG series of Dialogue & Dance!

WHAT: advising single ladies how to be HAPPY - from within

WHEN: Debuting April 15, 2021

WHEREIGTV @i_am_sonali_chandra

❤️ Loneliness has surged in the COVID pandemic. M
edia reports also state that quarantining may cause couples to divorce or procreate.
❤️ Not everyone has a date on every (national and cultural) holiday, causing many to be "alone"

❤️ Everyone is "single" at some point in their lives

❤️ She bravely shared her most intimate secret on The Dr. Phil Show, making her vulnerable & authentic.

*Part 1:

*Part 2:
❤️ She studied Finance & Psychology at Rutgers University (Wall Street made her miserable, & she values happiness over money).

❤️ She is the epitome of "outsider" - despite her bubbly personality, she has (reluctantly) spent 99% of her birthdays & holidays by herself, and has learned to be happy from within.