Sonali, the Soul

Indian - American; Born to Entertain
Born in New Jersey (USA) to immigrant parents from India.
I started dancing as a child learning Indian classical dance. As I grew up, I delved into Bollywood fusion & Western choreography routines. Classical training turned out to be a great foundation for all other dance forms.
Hard Worker
My 1st job was as a McDonalds cashier (while I was in High School), where I learned the value of a dollar. I still believe that "every penny counts".
B.Sc. Finance, Rutgers University
PLUS concentrations Psychology & Leadership.
(Former) Corporate Professional
I worked on Wall Street and in the real estate industry.
Fashion Model
Losing 30 lbs by accident led me to a modeling career.
Emotional turmoil led me to an acting career.
Fitness Professional
My personal health experiences led me to a career in fitness.
"Work Hard, Play Hard."
I love traveling in style (pictured on Emirates business class).
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Emotional turmoil led me to an acting career.